About New Business Visions

NBV Ltd is a relatively new company that provides IT consultancy country-wide, with offices in Cheshire and Bedfordshire. Although a young company, our staff are highly experienced professionals, with many years of experience within various sectors within the IT industry.

What We Do

As explained on other areas of the site, we specialise in providing project management and online documentation services, but NBV is able to offer expertise across a broad spectrum of IT issues, supporting customers of all sizes, in tasks ranging from web design to managing large-scale corporate software migration projects.

Why "New Business Visions"?

From our inception, our desire was for NBV to be in touch with and involved in the very latest developments in Information Technology. We have a keen interest and involvement in finding ways that the latest technology can be harnessed in efficient and profitable ways by mainstream modern businesses.

This does not just mean the technologies that we now use every day, such as the Internet itself, but also truly cutting edge developments such as Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agent Systems and Fuel-Cell Power Generation. Many of these developments are still in their infancy, but the change they promise to bring to the way we live and work is truly revolutionary, and to use them to greatest advantage requires a genuinely new vision of how business will be in the future.

Contact Us

If you wish to get in touch with us about potential projects, to find out more about what we can do for you and your business, or just to provide feedback on this website, see our Contact page.